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Scent notes: Coconut, Bergamot, Musk


The first blooms of spring rest gently atop the subtle greenery that peppers the vast desert tundra. Stopping to soak it all in, your nose is met with the lively scents of green florals and citrus.


Our air + linen mists are formulated to eliminate odor and are perfect for freshening up rooms, carpet / rugs, fabric and gentle enough to use as body spray.

Desert Bloom Room Spray

  • 4oz
    Made in United States of America

    Ingredients: high quality phthalate-free fragrance oils, water, natural odor counteractants, denatured alcohol, polysorbate 20

    They are hand-poured into a 4oz frosted glass bottle with a fine mist sprayer and cap. They are milky in color and should be shaken before each use since oil separation is normal and may occur.

    Shelf life: 2 years

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